WonderHub is the answer to helping schools discover, evaluate and purchase the latest education technology.

You will be instantly visible to our community of teachers, school management and school business managers who are looking for your solutions.

how-it-works-11. Help schools and teachers find you!

Teachers are always looking for the latest education technology. Their time is precious so help them find it as quickly as possible on WonderHub.

Make sure you tag how it can help and what ages it’s designed for!



2. Show off your tech!

Upload photos, videos, case studies and efficacy studies so that teachers can quickly find out what makes your tech so special.

Teachers love their voices being heard so encourage your customers to review your solution.

Help them spread the good news!


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Boost your sales at every stage, with increased demand generation, and increased lead conversion.

Informed buyers are happy buyers.

Ensuring that every stakeholder has the right information, easily to hand helps maintain the momentum of the sales process.