Edtech Starter Kit for Parents

Secondary School Edition


Are you a parent or guardian looking for Edtech for secondary school children ages 11 – 16?  Wondering where to start? As the Digital Computing lead for Islington, Katy Potts has helped hundreds of parents take their first steps into the world of Edtech. Here are the coding, literacy & maths tools she suggests for parents new to Edtech. These are all available either for free or at low cost online and can have a huge impact on learning from the get-go.




Gojimo - free revision app for GCSE a-levelsGojimo is a free revision app from the Telegraph group that helps students revise for, and pass exams. From the 11+, to GCSEs to A-Levels, there are a multitude of questions designed for most subjects




Quizlet is a free app which improves studenquizlet edtech reviewsts’ attainment by giving them easy access to a wealth of pre-created flashcards, quizzes and games. Quizlet’s strength is in how teachers, parents and students can also create their own variety of quizzes and share them via on Quizlet Live. This added aspect of creation, critical thinking and competition helps set it apart.




CENTURY is hailed as being at the forefront of AI in the classroom. Their free tool smart enough toregister each pupil’s strengths and weaknesses across multiple subjects. It can then present a tailored learning environment to each individual learner. On top of this is a structure designed to help with personalised learning, adaptive assessment, tracking & insights and targeting interventions.


Seneca Learning

seneca edtech reviewsSeneca was designed by neuroscientists from Oxford, Cambridge and UCL to boost chlidren’s learning and educational development.

Highly recommended on WonderHub: “A lifesaver! I don’t have stacks of free time so the short activity times are amazing. The information is super condensed but nothing is lost.”





Scratch is a visual programming language and online community scratch coding computing edtech reviewsgeared towards children over the age of 7.

Scratch allows users to create their own interactive games, stories and animations that they can share and discuss with friends.




Code.orgcode org review

Code.org is a non-profit organization set to inspire students to code through expanding access to computer science.