Edbot is a humanoid robot programmed using Scratch, Python, Javascript, plus many other languages
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Edbot –  Time to Code

Where is Edbot used?

At home and in school

What age group is it designed for?

KS2, KS3, KS4

What makes Edbot unique?

Edbot is a codable humanoid robot that can be programmed using many languages, including Scratch, Python, Javascript and C#. It makes learning to code more engaging for students of all ages. It has a unique networking function that allows it to be controlled from any computer on a network, so that one robot can be shared among a group. It also makes it very easy to switch between programming languages.

What impact can schools expect to see from using Edbot?

Instead of one or two students in a class being really into coding, the whole class becomes engaged. It helps raise a whole year group’s interest in and desire to learn about computing, in comparison to other subjects.

What evidence is available to help inform purchasing decisions?

We have many videos to view classes using Edbot in different schools across the UK & internationally. By request, we can also put potential purchasers in touch with schools who already use Edbot and are happy to share their experiences.

Where can schools & families buy your product?

You can buy Edbot and Edbot Dream from our website ed.bot

How can schools & families purchase Edbot and Edbot Dream?

Paid up-front

What else do you think parents and schools should know about Edbot?

Edbot was voted ‘Best Robot’ by kids at the BETT show in London two years in a row, 2017 and 2018 #kidsjudgebett. We really are Kids’ Favourite Robot.

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