The build-it-yourself desktop. Endorsed by OCR for STEAM in the classroom
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pi-topCEED is a modular desktop your students build themselves and then use to learn to code.


Their CEEDs contain an entire curriculum endorsed by OCR for them to follow at their own pace. Everyone, from new computing teachers, to experts and those still learning pedagogy can facilitate the lessons.

Pre-assembled with all required software installed. You’ll be able to take your pupils’ knowledge to the next level as soon as they take them out of the box.


The pi‑topCEED is the easiest way to use your Raspberry Pi. We’ve put what you love about our flagship laptop in a slimmer form factor.

Join hundreds of code clubs and classrooms using pi‑topCEED as their solution to Computer Science and STEAM based learning.

Physical computing at your fingertips

pi‑top teaches you amazing creations that you add code to in order to bring to life. Use pi‑top add-ons by simply sliding an add-on into the Modular-Rail, then use pi‑topCODER to learn amazing lesson plans that integrate fun physical computing projects.

Integrated Lesson Content

Integrated into pi-top and pi-topCEED is our cloud-based worksheet repository that provides hundreds of hours of step-by-step projects allowing teachers, regardless of their computer literacy, to deliver fun and engaging lessons for STEAM based subjects.

Fun, engaging, game-based learning

Along with Raspberry Pi learning resources like Scratch and Python, pi-top and pi-topCEED are shipped with CEEDuniverse, a curriculum-aligned game that teaches you how to code, build circuits and create hardware that interacts with the game!


What is the cheapest way to purchase the pi-topCEED?


Wonderhub have an exclusive offer with pi-top to help schools purchase a complete STEAM lab for their classroom, in the form of 32 pi-topCEEDs in a secure storage and charging trolley.


Click here to see the promotion for the pi-topCEED

Click here for the promotion for the original pi-top

Where can I buy the pi-topCEED online?


pi-topCEED – Green – Misco

pi-topCEED – Grey – Misco




“I love what pi-top is doing and what pi-top is about.”

Steve Wozniak , co-founder of Apple

“I’d like to see a pi-topCEED in every classroom”

Eben Upton, founder & CEO of Raspberry Pi



pi top pitop

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  1. The learning objectives we were looking to address were: Introducing the students to basic programming concepts and more specifically introducing Physical Computing.

    Using the pi-topCEED students made very good progress towards meeting the intended learning outcomes. Students were able to use the built-in pi-topCODER software to complete programming activities designed by me as part of the program of learning. The design of the pi-topCEED case meant that students had easy access to the GPIO pins for physical computing tasks

    The CEED is essentially useable out of the box and if you have familiarity with Raspberry Pi it will be an easy journey to bring into the classroom. The built-in software gives you everything you need to get started.

    I am teaching computer science in a normal science classroom using the pi-topCEED as the main teaching machine. I am working on a 1:2 ratio, although at GCSE level you would want one each. In addition to the kit, you will need to purchase a keyboard and mouse.

    For less than the cost of a single MacBook, you can transform a normal classroom into a Computer Science suite. The pi-topCEED provides a great introduction to physical computing and coding for students. The units are robust and easily stack away at the end of the lesson. The computers can easily be networked and we have added them onto our school network relatively easily.

    pi-topCEED review by Spencer Organ (@makercupboard) of Kesh Academy

  2. Really effective

    I used these in the classroom. The kids loved them and I found it easy to teach using the pi top in built lessons

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